Lily just wanted to be normal. She wanted to know why her father worked for such a wealthy, yet unknown, man. She wanted to know her heritage. Then she and Rita met Jay.
Rita wanted to protect her sister. She didn't want her to have to know the true pain in this life. She wanted to keep her father's secret. Then they went to China.
Jay wanted to prove himself to his father's boss. He wanted to show he was able to get to the meeting in China undetected. Then, he saw Lily.
Katy wanted to help her cousin. She wanted to show Kato that different wasn't bad. She wanted to find others like him. Then she found her father's work files.
Owenll wanted to be appreciated. He wanted his ideas to be respected. He wanted to show that intelligence wasn't bad. Then Katy found him.
Beck wanted to run away. He wanted to know why people thought he was wierd. He wanted to stop hearing their words. Then Katy gave him a chance.
Nani wanted to seem normal. She wanted to learn about new people. She wasn't ready to go home. Then she heard of Katy Kung
Kato wanted to be left in peace. He wanted his cousin to leave him alone. He wanted the teacher out of his face. Then the teacher stopped.
Kai wanted her to like him back. He wanted someone to. He wanted anyone to. Then they met again.
Mel wanted to be answered. She wanted people to see how she saw. She wanted someone to see she wasn't mistaken. Then she heard about them.
Susan wanted help. She wanted to be loved the same way he had loved her. She wanted him to come back. Then she met Edward.
Natana wanted to be left alone. He wanted the world to go away. He wanted quiet. Then he wanted the opposite.
Rikki wanted to choose for herself. She wanted them to be as fearless. She wanted them to allow it. Then she took a risk.
James wanted to be treated sanley. He wanted to be unfeared. He wanted them to see he wasn't his father. Then he escaped.
Dakota wanted to give people chances. She wanted to give someone a much deserved chance. She, maybe, wanted a chance. Then she got one.
Bwane wanted to be liked. He wanted to like someone who liked him. He wanted her to like him. Then she did.
Kyle wanted to be smart. He wanted to be admired too. He would much rather like being admired. Then reality struck.
Anna wanted people to love, not hate. She wanted people to unite. She wanted to make a change. Then he distracted her.
Mackenzie wanted to be like her friend. She wanted her friend to not want to be like her. She wanted to be the same. Then she learned she could never be.
Edward wanted to find what he was looking for. He wanted that girl to come along. He wanted her to be wonderful. Then he met her.
Danny wanted to believe things. He wanted to believe people loved more than hated. He wanted to believe he did. Then he could.
Trey wanted to get some sleep. He wanted some energy. He wanted enough energy to do what he thought he could. Then he set his mind in motion.
Trenta wanted to remember better. She wanted to get As instead of Bs all the time. She wanted to get better on her own. Then she learned she couldn't.
Kelly wanted to ask all the questions on her mind. She wanted to ask someone who also wanted to know. She wanted more room for fact the question. Then she got her questions out.

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