Pures, the group of humans with Personality Disorders, can be classified into many groups. The First Class of the group of Pures known as the Corporation, consisted of twenty-four members. This class was the first of many to come, which included members Katy Kung, founder, and Mackenzie Uni, Chosen One. Four of the First Class came from the Association, a group lead by the Corporation's nemesis Dark Sun. Those four were Dakota Nile, friend of Mackenzie Uni, Kai Drackar, lover of Mackenzie, and James Hook, friend of Kai Drackar. The First Class was strong, but after the Dark Sun was vanquished, the team broke up. Subsequent to these events, the Falls began.

Kung's Idea

Katy Kung, a sixteen year old student, was just a normal teenager, until one day when she witnessed her cousin, Kato Cyelin, calm a teacher who was known to hold screaming matches with a student until he declared detension. Katy confronted him on the subject, but he didn't tell her anything of use. She knew that there was something going on though, because she had had the same effect on her friend, Lily Young. She also noticed Lily caused people to do things they would never have normally done. Eventually, with Lily's help, Katy started a "club" at their school. The club focused on people who thought they were different, or thought they had effects on others. Only seven members showed up: Katy and Lily, Lily's older sister Rita Young, new students Nani Relix and Jay Enoch, mysterious Owenll Larz, and honors student Beck Williamson.

In The Club

The club started to discuss their ideas about why strange things happened to them. Katy explained Kato and her symptoms. Lily talked about the effects she had on her peers. Rita talked about people at the school with perfect records doing crazy things that she called "past rebelious". Nani said that people she sat near in classes who normally failed tests getting perfect scores. Jay only said that he had a strange effect on people. Owenll talked about being nagged for guidance by people he had never met in the school. Finally, Beck said that people around him acted more optomistic towards things than he had ever seen. Because the members didn't yet know about their Pures, they used terrible Pure Vocabulary during this meeting.

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