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Some people are different. In good ways, in bad ways. Some people truly want to be different. Others... don't. Some of them have different Personalities. Some of those Personalities are Pure.

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What are Pures?Edit

Pures are unique people of a different heritage. Pures are a slightly bi-polar group whose Personalities come into effect during an extreme inner struggle involving that personality. They are usually no threat to society but can come out bad.
"Kato, I've never seen Mr. Reiter calm down just like that..."
"Katy, I just got lucky, okay? God, always something with you."
Katy Kung and Kato Cyelin discussing Kato's first sign of being a Pure.

How do Pures reproduce?Edit

Pures reproduce as normal human do, but may alter a new Pure's DNA if two different Pures mate. You could get a Moderate Pure, which may have a similiar color with the same Personality, or the same color with a different Personality.
"I've scanned the children with one of Taylor and Enoch's machines, they're both Pures, but Lexi came out Moderate and Alex is a new Pure."
Mackenzie Uni's letter to Kai Darkarr in Pures: The Fall of the Corporation.

Are there any popular groups of Pures?Edit

Two popular groups of Pures are the Corporation and the Association
The Corporation was founded by Katy Kung, Lily Young, Rita Young, Nani Relix, Jay Enoch, Beck Williamson, and Owenll Larz. It's purpose was to unite a Pure army to help the citizens of the world. It's temporary downfall subsequently resulted in the Falls, in which the Death Heir kidnapped the ten Pures Owenll Larz, Bwane Nocelle, Jay Enoch, Natana Azo, Kelly Manyzinger, Mel Wano, Kato Cyelin, Trenta Oasis, Katy Kung, and Anna Likelle. An attempted eleventh fall failed during the attempted kidnapping of Rita Young, however the Death Heir obtained her DNA. The Falls were rescued by the Second Class of the Corporation, rebuilt by Trey Dawn, Lily Young, Rita Young, and Kai Darkarr, which included the Children of the Falls (Natalie Azo, Fox Nocelle, Fred Manyzinger, William Larz), other children Lexi Darkarr, Alex Uni, Lodico Hook, and Joy Valentine, and several other First and Second Class members.
The Association was founded by The Red Sun, arch enemy of the Corporation, and original leader of Pures Kai Darkarr, Mackenzie Uni, James Hook, and Dakota Nile. It's purpose was to train the Pures to their full abilities but backfired on Red Sun when his Pures discovered that their pasts were lies and that they had betrayed the Corporation wrongly. Red Sun's own trainees destroyed him, but not before he sent a fatal mental blast to Uni's brain, putting her in a comma in which her grandmother's necklace stoned anyone she talked to or the victim's viewers. Eventually in Uni's comma, an evil version of her self, Mackenna Uno created a new world for the people. She defeated Uno in the fictional Battle for Uni, but unfortunatly resurrected Dark Sun when she came out of the comma. All four members joined the Corporation.

Are there any historical Pures events?Edit

There were several obstacles the Corporation, and other falls, faced. First, the Battle for Uni (See Popular Pure Groups - Association). Second the Falls (See Popular Pure Groups - Corporation), Next, the Coliseum. A Pure-Racist War started and Coliseum was the result. All Pures of Authority must tag a young Pure to compete. Failure to tag resulted in death. All members of the Corporation tagged a Pure. The Second Class' tags are considered Third Class. Four of the Third Class didn't make it out alive. All Pure groups suffered losses, and the Coliseum was the Death Heir's brother's coverup to work on the Rises, the Fall's clones. When these works were completed, the Rises attacked the Seven Corporation Islands, led by Death Heir's brother, creator of the Rises, Red Baron. This attack caused members Mackenzie Uni, The Falls, Trey Dawn, Rita and Lily Young, Edward Smith, Dakota Nile, James Hook, Kyle Taylor, Alex Uni, Lexi Drackarr, The Children of the Falls, Marty Polaris, Stella Matthews, The Coliseum Survivors, Nani Relix, Solo Rasta, and Michael Young to join on Founder's Island, home of the Corporation's Founders, and use the machine Magie to transport anyone on the Corporation's property to someplace never revealed. Then the Infiltration began, when four members from The SCIIT (Seven Corporation Islands Investigative Team), Sunny Dayes, Rain Knight, Nino Drought, and Nina Flood, tried to find and recreate the Corporation. Upon investigation, The Rises, a strange male, and Nani Relix, who had left Earth a while back, were found. Between the end of The Coliseum and the completion of Red Baron's Rises, an operation called "Life As We Know It" was carried out. A team consisting of Lily Young, Jay Enoch, Mackenzie Uni, and Corporation ally Mella Opraissa investigated on strange happenings revolving around "The Puddle", which ended up being a portal to a different reality. At the end of the investigation, Lily and Rita Young's brother Michael had to go into The Puddle and replace Gerty Samson with Solo Rasta.

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